Discovering Windows Azure Alerts (Preview)

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Last week, a new preview feature was launched on Windows Azure: Azure Alerts.

This feature is really easy to understand/use.

To play with it, go into your Settings workspace in the Azure Portal:

Once there, you will arrive to a filtered view:

This view will be helpful to filter your alerts when you've quite a few numbers of them.

To create a new alert, just click the "Add Rule" in the taskbar.

A new view will show to define your alert:

There, you can choose a name and a description (the first 2 textboxes).

The 3 dropdowns under are used as dependent filters.

In my case, I choose the X subscription, the Virtual Machine Service and finally one of my Virtual Machines.

The different service types where to put an alert are: Web Site, Virtual Machine, Mobile Service and Cloud Service:

Once done, you can go on the next view and select a metric (CPU %, Disk R/W, Network In/Out) you want to watch:

Here, I'll use the CPU Percentage and for my test, I'll set the Threshold to 1 (so I'm sure to receive an alert!J)

The units are: % for the CPU, Bytes/s for the Disk R/W and Bytes for the Network In/Out.

In the Alert Evaluation Windows, you'll choose a time span during which you want to monitor the metric.

Here are the values of this dropdown:

Finally, you can choose to send an email to admins and co-admin or to anyone else (my case here) and to enable the rule.

Once created, you'll see this new rule in the list of rules of the first view (settings – ALERTS):

From there, you can now edit, disable or delete the rule with the Taskbar:

My alert status is marked as "Not Activated". It means it's enabled but not activated.

If your alert is disabled, you'll see this:

When the alert is activated, you'll see this message in your taskbar:

And on the settings – ALERT, you'll see your alert as active:

And in the Dashboard for this alert, you can see this useful history information:

And here is how the email alert looks like:

My feeling about this new feature is quite positive. It's simple to use and very effective.

Waiting to see what will be added/updated between the preview and final version! J

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