SQL Azure Database Manager – Part 1 : How to connect to your SQL Azure DB

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The SQL Azure Database Manager is a light and easy to use tool to manage you SQL Azure Database.

This tool runs inside your browser thanks to the Silverlight power (remember, the dead Silverlight!).

The URL to access the SQL Azure DB Manager is : https://manage-db3.sql.azure.com/


Edit (14/12/2010)

I was contacted by Microsoft today. Working with a direct URL is a bad practice.

Here is their message :

In the post you reference https://manage-db3.sql.azure.com . We have instances of database manager co-located in each of the SQL Azure datacenters. The best practice would be to launch database manager directly from the portal, instead of hitting the url directly to ensure that you are running on an instance of database manager that is closest to your data. That url points to one of our European datacenters and may not be the best launch point for it(depending on where your data is located).


One you get the Silverlight application loaded, insert :

  • Your SQL Azure Server Name (Fully Qualified DNS Name)
  • Your database Name
  • Your login Name
  • Your password.

That's it! Click on the Connect button an you're in!

If you've any problem connecting, you'll see a small error link :

Click on it and you'll have a more detailed error message:

Once the door is open, you'll meet this new view :

More to come… :)

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Melia said:
Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. Smile

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