Use the ASP.NET Authentication Service with Windows Phone 7

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If you want to use the ASP.NET Authentication Service with your Windows Phone 7 (this is quite similar if you want to use it with Silverlight), just create a standard Windows Phone project in Visual Studio 2010 :

Once this is done, add an empty web test project :

Create a new WCF service in this Web Application :

Name it AuthenticationService.

Remove the auto-generated Code-Behind file and Interface.

Edit the .svc to rely on the AuthenticationService (more info) provided by Microsoft :

Edit the Web.config or use the WAT (Web Site Administration Tool Security Tab) to enable the Authentication Service and to create some users. Here is how my Web.config file looks like :


Once this is made, you can reference this service in your WP7 application and start to use the authentication mechanism :

And the result is :

Or :

You can download the sample here

I created a user Spiderman with a password Spiderm@n

Home Loan Application for Windows Phone

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After having installed the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP and the Blend Add-in Preview/SDK for Windows Phone above my Visual Studio 2010 RC and Blend 4 Beta, I decided to port my Home Loan Application to Windows Phone.

This was quite easy to do.

This is currently a really raw application and the final result looks like that:

You can download this sample here

I don't know why but I had troubles with the out of the box PhoneSlider style :

It looks nice but it was impossible for me to work with it inside the emulator.

So I took the default style :

And I just skinned the button to change the square into a plain circle :

This last looked better to me!

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