Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio : where is my preview ?

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If you try the new Silverlight 3 tools for Visual Studio 2008, you should be frustrated (or happy?) while not finding anymore your Silverlight preview.

This one is just… hidden! J



If you go to the bottom of the XAML page, you can drap up the XAML page and you'll discover the designer.



Accordingly to this message on the Tim Heuer's blog, it should be more than just hidden:

Where did my design view go?!  You may notice right away that the VS tools no longer have the preview mode for your XAML in Silverlight projects.  This is by design.  We heard some pretty vocal feedback that the preview was usually turned off for most development because it was not turning out to be helpful as the applications got more complex.  The team decided put the resource investment into creating a great editable design surface in VS2010 instead and not delay the release of Silverlight 3.


See you later!