Silverlight coverflow of Sharepoint contacts : part II

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Here is the second part for my Silverlight Sharepoint contacts coverflow!

In the first part, I created the Silverlight coverflow without any link to Sharepoint.

In this second part, I'll customize my Sharepoint to allow this link.


Here is my updated TOC :

In my previous post :

  1. Implement the Silverlight coverflow

In this post post :

  1. Customize a sharepoint contacts library

In a next post :

3.    Implement the Sharepoint contacts extraction

4.    Deploy the XAP in Sharepoint

5.    Add the Silverlight application to a Sharepoint page


Customize a sharepoint contacts library


To customize a contacts library, I need, of course, a contact list and a pictures library for the pictures of contacts.

Here is my contact library :

And here is my pictures library :

Now, I must create a column in my contacts list to add a picture to each contact item :

For each contact, I can then add a picture link to the picture library :

And finally, here is the result :

That's all for this time! I guess those steps were easily made if you've already played with Sharepoint!

See you later!

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MOSS 2007 Enterprise on Windows 7 RTM with Bamboo Nation's SharePointOnVista

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Yesterday, I spent my evening installing MOSS 2007 Enterprise on my Windows 7 RTM laptop.

This is quite easy with the Bamboo Nation's SharepointOnVista.

You just have to follow the guide for Windows Vista :

Pay attention that there is a prerequisite that wasn't needed on Windows Vista before starting the installation :

MOSS 2007 is running very well on my laptop (Fujutsu Siemens Lifebook E with a 2.20 Ghz Core 2 T7500 and 4GB Ram – Windows 7 Ultimate X86/3,25 GB of usable RAM – MOSS 2007 Enterprise X86), really better than on Vista Ultimate!

Of course, I just made a basic MOSS setup. Let's see how it will run in a few days/weeks…


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