Meet Silverlight in Sharepoint 2010 (public beta)

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Good news for RIA lovers : Silverlight is now really present in Sharepoint 2010!

Here is the message you may read if you go to the menu "More Options" of the Site Actions menu if you don't have Silverlight installed.

That doesn't mean that you can't do anything but here is how the options dialog looks like :

If you install the Silverlight plug-in, here is the new look of this dialog :

It's hard to show with a snapshot but this new presentation is really nice, with small animations and fluent navigation.

More than that, Microsoft added a new Silverlight Web Part. It has never been so easy to run a Silverlight application inside Sharepoint.

To use this Web Part, simply edit a Web Part page and add a new Web Part.

In the categories, choose Media and Content and then the Silverlight Web Part :

A new dialog will then appear asking for the silverlight XAP URL :

Enter the URL of a XAP (hosted in a document library, in the 14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS folder or anywhere else). In my case, I'll reuse a Silverlight XAP hosted in the IIS hosting my blog.

Here is the result :

Of course, you can modify the URL, appearance, layout and other stuffs in the editor part.

If time permits, I'll write another post about the new Client Object Model an how to use it in a Silverlight application.

First look at the document library of Sharepoint Server 2010 (public beta)

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During my holidays, I installed the Sharepoint Server 2010 public beta.

It's quite heavy to run it in a VM. I finally installed it using VirtualBox on a W7 64 bits computer with 4 GB RAM. It's far from the ideal speed but it's usable.

I won't go through the Central Administration here. I just created a Web Application, a site collection and a site. This is more comfortable with the new Central Administration:

I then created a Team Site in this site collection. All of that is quite similar to what we do in WSS 3.0./Sharepoint 2007.

When your site is created, and if you've the right permissions to do it, the easier way to create a document library is to use the site actions menu:

In this list of actions, you'll find the action "New Document Library.

If you click on it, you'll not be lost if you already know Sharepoint 2007/WSS 3.0.

Once a document library is created, we can meet the new ribbon of Sharepoint 2010. This ribbon is, of course, contextual.

For a document library, we can observe 2 linked tabs : a Documents tab and a Library tab.

The Documents tab is used for all the features linked to documents : check out, check in, versions, permissions, workflows, …

The Library tab is used for all the features linked to the library itself : views, settings, connections, exports, permissions, …

As for WSS 3.0/Sharepoint 2007, a contextual menu is available on a file saved in a document library:

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